Are Chrysta Jones and Michael Mc Dermott.

Workshy began when Chrysta Jones and Michael McDermott migrated with
other band member
Kevin from London soul group Garage, and amalgamated to form a more
compact unit in the late eighties, when big groups
had become passé & duos and trios had become the norm for record
companies concentrating on the emerging video world.

After successfully knocking up a few classy demos with Garage’s grace,
they staged some choice-venued mini-gigs, and ultimately secured a
record deal at Magnet Records, whose big selling artist at the time
was Chris Rea ( or Chris Career as Workshy fondly nicknamed him ! )

Thus began the Workshy journey.  A few singles were recorded, cut but
not released, as Magnet sold itself off to the giant WEA and Workshy
survived the transfer to become exposed to a greater platform, and a
wider audience courtesy of the new label. (With the charming and witty
A & R man Marc Fox, of Haircut 100 fame, in charge).

So in late 1989 "The Golden Mile" album was released in the UK.

Before long interest and sales were showing in Japan and soon enough the first tour of Japan was secured, along with a good global reception of the debut album. Thanks to an energetic team of enthusiasts in Japan, success in that region and their neighbouring territories abounded, resulting in direct signing to Japanese labels
JVC Victor and then Computer game aficionados Pony Canyon.

Several albums followed(amongst which were "Ocean", "Heaven",
"Allure", "Clear" and the acclaimed "Mood"),  accompanied by further
tours, meaning Workshy had now built a strong enduring fan-base in Japan and South
East Asia,  successfully touring The Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore,
Taiwan and other SE Asian countries, fortunate to benefit from fans’
appreciation of the quality of their output rather than just the
appeal of current 'fashion'.

The mid 2000s of the 21st century brought a bit of a hiatus, when
child-rearing and health issues' influence took over, but everything
came back together gradually, "Bittersweet" brought the duo back
into the game.

It has now been four years, but hard-at-work alongside other project,
Workshy have produced their brand new album "Wayward".

The album shows their unique blend of a fusion of the smooth harmonies
and heartfelt melodies their inimitable finely crafted songwriting drawing on a wide range of influences, and the genres  of soul, pop, Bacharach,
latin and jazz.

"Wayward" takes you back to the smooth sound of their earlier work,
whilst, as always, being neither overtly retro or desperately
contemporary ! This album includes perfomances from the usual suspects &
longtime friends, legendary drummer Crispin Taylor and bass master
Ernie McKone, with multi-instrumentalist Toby Baker  playing and
collaborating on many of the productions, mixing with his inimitable personality and style.

It has been a while in the making but the time and effort
spent has fully paid off and they are ready for another phase. 

In varying states of development-  a Soul Love 2 of choice cover versions of classic songs, a new Workshy original album, and even a couple of long-intended,
continuously evolving, solo-albums !

All to look forward to, in the
near future. 

Watch this space !











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